The United States has warned against helping the Iranian oil tanker, which is expected to head for Greece from the Gibraltar region it has held on suspicion of violating EU sanctions.

Reuters quoted a State Department official as saying Washington had made clear its strong position to Greece over the Iranian oil tanker, which sailed on Monday towards its ports.

The US official added that any efforts to help the Iranian tanker may be seen as support for an organization that Washington lists as a terrorist organization.

For his part, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - in a television interview on Monday - that allowing the Iranian oil tanker who was detained in Gibraltar to leave is regrettable.

Pompeo told Fox News that if Iran succeeded in making profits from the oil tanker shipment, the IRGC would get "more money, wealth and resources to continue its terrorist campaign."

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Detention of the tanker
The British Royal Navy seized the Iranian tanker in Gibraltar on July 4 on suspicion of violating European sanctions by transporting a shipment of oil to Syria.This led to a series of events that highlighted tensions over international shipping routes across the Persian Gulf.

The detention of the tanker ended last week, but a federal court in Washington issued an order on Friday to detain the tanker and the oil it transports. To foreign terrorist organizations. "

Gibraltar authorities have rejected a request from the US Justice Department to detain the Iranian tanker again on charges of violating US sanctions against Tehran.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said his country had warned Washington through the Swiss embassy in Tehran of the consequences of describing it in the event of the suspension of the Iranian oil tanker, adding that any US action to stop the Iranian oil tanker is a threat to the security of navigation in international waters.