US missile launch experiment Russia rebound August 20 20:14

After the US-Russia INF = Medium-Range Nuclear Missile Abolition Treaty expired, Russia has rebounded for the first time that the United States has conducted ground-launched cruise missile launch experiments that were previously forbidden by the treaty. The

The US Department of Defense conducted a ground-launched cruise missile launch in California, western California, with a range of over 500 km, and revealed that it was successful on the 19th.

In response to this, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Lyapukov, who is in charge of disarmament at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “The United States has conducted a launch experiment that has been severely restricted by the treaty until two weeks ago. Expressed concern.

“Without advance preparations, we ca n’t do a launch experiment in such a short time. This is clear evidence that the US has accumulated military technology for a long time before the treaty expired. Accused the United States of America.

Meanwhile, Lyapukov said, “Russia will not take on US provocations,” and while the US does not deploy ground-launched medium-range missiles in Europe or Asia, Russia will withhold additional deployments of similar missiles. I showed the policy again.

The INF abolition treaty signed by the United States and Russia during the Cold War has banned launch experiments in addition to the possession and manufacture of ground-launched mid-range missiles, but the United States and Russia alleged violations of each other The treaty expired on the 2nd of this month.

“Severe negative impact” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman

China ’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said at the press conference on the 20th that the United States conducted a ground-based cruise missile launch experiment that was forbidden by the INF abolition treaty. It proves that the real purpose is to fully pursue advanced missile experiments and pursue unilateral military advantage. "

“In addition, American actions create new arms races and lead to increased military conflicts and have a serious negative impact on global and regional stability. The United States abandoned the idea of ​​the Cold War era. "I want to maintain the suppression of arms expansion," he said.