US-Korea military exercises end North Korea will respond to denuclearization talks August 20: 18:11

The joint military exercise by the US and Korean troops, which has been held since the 5th of this month, has ended on the 20th. North Korea rebelled against the exercise and repeated the launch of the flying body that seems to be a short-range ballistic missile, but when the exercise was over, it showed a stance to respond to discussions with the United States for denuclearization, Attention is paid to the correspondence.

The US Army and the Korean Army have been conducting joint military exercises since the 5th of this month, and have been working to strengthen cooperation, centering on illustrated exercises using computers.

Also, in this exercise, during the Korean Peninsula emergency, the Korean military's ability to confirm the future transfer of the Korean military ’s command to the Korean side in the future is also confirmed. The last exercise was over on the 20th.

North Korea, on the other hand, strongly rebelled against the exercises, such as arguing that it was “a hostile act to invade us and an unacceptable military provocation” through the Korean Labor Party's “Labor Newspaper”. However, since the 25th of last month, we have repeatedly fired a flying object that appears to be a short-range ballistic missile.

However, President Trump of the United States has revealed that North Korea ’s Kim Jong-un, the chairman of the Korean Labor Party, has given up his thoughts to stop launching and respond to talks about denuclearization after the exercise is over. Future correspondence will attract attention.