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The Civil Guard investigates two people as alleged authors of a crime against flora, fauna and domestic animals, for having buried six newborn German shepherd puppies alive.

The proceedings have been made available to the Court of Instruction number 2 of Alcañiz (Teruel).

As reported on Tuesday the Benemérita, it was a citizen who last week gave notice of the situation of the puppies.

Agents of the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard of Alcañiz moved to the place, an estate of a town in the Lower Aragón Region (Teruel), and found that the information provided was true.

In the vicinity and behind a fence, they observed the presence of two adult dogs, a male and a female, who had "clear symptoms of having recently given birth."

The agents taught the puppies through the fence and the animal "showed great agitation and nervousness."

According to the aforementioned sources, due to the state of euphoria and the great resemblance of the puppies to the dog, the agents proved that they were his. At that same time they were handed over and "the female began to breastfeed immediately."

The inquiries made have resulted in the investigation of two people as alleged authors of a crime against flora, fauna and domestic animals, whose proceedings have been brought to justice.

Awareness campaign

The Civil Guard remembers that, through its "I can tell it" campaign, it tries to raise awareness among citizens, so that they promote the protection and welfare of companion animals, and denounce the contrary behaviors that are observed.

Likewise, the Benemérita has thanked the citizen's collaboration, by making the facts known, and "without whose invaluable collaboration this case could not have been resolved, saving the pups from certain death."

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