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Train traffic now opens after the fire in Hässleholm


On the night of Wednesday, the southern main line will open after the big fire in Hässleholm. The Swedish Transport Administration's contractors have worked intensively to restore the facility.

It was last week (Wednesday, August 14) that it started burning in the empty warehouse adjacent to the railroad in Hässleholm. The heat caused major damage to the contact lines and caused steel beams to bend over the grooves.

Since then, the Swedish Transport Administration's contractors have worked around the clock to repair the damage. The effort is described as very extensive, almost like building a brand new yard.

"Like a war scene"

- I have many years in the industry and it's the worst I've been with. When I came here on Wednesday it was like a war scene, says Patrik Malm, supervisor of the company Strukton Rail.

- It's like throwing a bomb out, then everything has collapsed. In the beginning, you did not see where the wires went anywhere, says Peter Johansson, electrical engineer.

In total, 6,000 meters of signal cable have been replaced, as have several fire-damaged grinders (beams under the tracks). Brand new positions have been erected that hold the contact lines in the air.

Worked three shifts

After several intense days, work is now beginning to come to an end. Since the fire, the staff has worked three times, 30 people at a time.

- We are probably all pretty tired, I think, but it is fun to see how you can gather so many people in a short time and manage to build everything up, says Therese Klyft, supervisor.

Earlier the forecast holds

On Monday, Skånetrafiken announced that the Södra tribal line and the Blekinge railway will open during Wednesday night. For the Skånebanan and Markarydsbanan, the forecast is still set for the night towards Saturday. According to Skånetrafiken, this forecast is still valid.

See the element about the contractors' work above.

Source: svt

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