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Two days before committing suicide, financier Jeffrey Epstein signed a will two days before his death, entrusting all his assets to a trust of unknown beneficiaries, according to court documents released by The New York Post.

According to these documents, registered in the US Virgin Islands, Epstein has entrusted its assets - which amount to about 577 million dollars - to a "trust" called "Trust 1953," said the New York media.

Such a method is traditionally used to protect the confidentiality of beneficiaries, according to a lawyer cited by the New York Post.

No beneficiary is named in the will, which only identifies the people responsible for executing it, the newspaper added.

The testament includes the vast residence of the financier in Manhattan, where he would have abused many young people and minors, valued at almost 56 million dollars; his ranch in New Mexico (USD 17 million); its property on Paris Avenue Foch (USD 8.6 million); as well as the two islands he owned in the Virgin Islands: Little St James Island - nicknamed by some "Pedophilia Island" - and Great St James Island, recently purchased and where he planned to work (valued at USD 85 million).

To these properties would be added about 307 million dollars in shares and other investments, 56 million more in cash and private planes, ships and cars worth 18.5 million, according to the newspaper.

Epstein, a financier who moved in powerful political circles, committed suicide, according to authorities, on August 10 at the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he was detained after being accused of organizing a network of minors he abused sexually.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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