Powerful explosion in police building in Linköping

A major explosion has occurred in connection with the national bomb shelter working on a suspicious dangerous object in Linköping. A police warehouse has been destroyed and several other buildings damaged. About 3,000 people were affected by the incident.

Shot against apartments in Bro

The police have launched a preliminary investigation into attempted murder, or serious weapons crime, after it was shot at two apartments in Bro. There were people in the apartments at the shooting, but no one should have been physically injured. The police see no connection between the people in the apartments.

"There is also no indication that they should have been any kind of target," says police officer Mikael Pettersson.

Pogba penalty shooter when United lost points

Manchester United looked to be able to start the season with two straight wins. But Paul Pogba missed the penalty which meant 2-1 against Wolves and United had to settle for 1-1.