Argentine currency lowest price update Uncertainty about economic outlook Aug 21 6:47

In South America Argentina, following the result of the presidential election, the currency peso continued to decline due to widespread concerns about the future of the economy. On the 20th, the price dropped to 1 dollar = 59 pesos. The has been updated.

In Argentina, anxiety about the future of the economy has spread due to the opposition candidate insisting on the presidency of the presidential election held on the 11th, and the currency peso has dropped significantly.

Even on the 20th, the decline of the peso did not stop, and once again, it was updated at 1 dollar = 59 pesos and the lowest price of 1 dollar = 55 pesos on the 16th.

In Argentina, President Makri announced last week's urgent economic measures such as raising the minimum wage, but many people in the market pointed out that the economy would make the economy even worse. Resigned after protesting by Minister of Finance Dehobune, who is responsible for economic policy.

Argentina is trying to rebuild with the IMF = International Monetary Fund over $ 50 billion, but the economic turmoil has not been settled before the presidential election in October. There are concerns.