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Andalusia will support Madrid with a generalized tax reduction


With the arrival of Pablo Casado, the Popular Party took a turn-back-towards liberal policies. The leader of the popular is a strong advocate of tax cuts with

  • PP Pablo Casado places Madrid as a "lighthouse" liberal and battering against Pedro Sánchez
  • Madrid.Isabel Díaz Ayuso challenges the autonomous governments of the PSOE to end their "fiscal hell"

With the arrival of Pablo Casado, the Popular Party took a turn-back-towards liberal policies. The leader of the popular is a strong advocate of tax cuts as a lever of revitalization of the economy, and so it has been transmitted, and tried to spread, to his party. The massive tax reduction is one of the cornerstones of its economic project, but not only that: it has also become its main tool of opposition to Pedro Sánchez. By "contrast." Hence, Casado has endorsed the "biggest tax drop in the history of Madrid " announced by the new president of that region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and has called on all autonomies to do the same, because the president of the PP believes that "lowering them collects more, more employment is created and social policies are better financed".

Well, the first regional government that has picked up the glove has been the Junta de Andalucía . And not by mimesis, but by conviction: "Next year we will continue to lower taxes, and so every year of the legislature," sources close to the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno. As EL MUNDO has been able to know, Moreno's intention is to reduce the IRPF regional section in 2020 in a "substantial" way, although "not as much as we would like, because we come from such high levels that we have to gradually lower them , in a staggered way, "they said Friday in the surroundings of the Andalusian president.

Secondly, in 2020 the Property Transfer Tax ( ITP ) will be reduced, which is the tax on, among other things, the sale of second-hand homes. And the Tax on Documented Legal Acts ( AJD , known as mortgage tax) will continue to be reduced. In addition, the same sources reveal that "before the end of the legislature", the Property Tax for the middle classes will have been de facto abolished. This is one of the taxes that asked to eliminate the PP and Citizens government pact in Andalusia , and that the Community of Madrid has already rewarded 100% for the first two million euros.

A few days ago, the Andalusian Minister of Finance, Juan Bravo , already pointed in the direction of the tax cut, but as an objective, without specifying what the cuts would be. Now Moreno's environment reveals at least those three generalized reductions of the most important taxes, but refuses to specify the exact figures, since the changes must be included in the Andalusian Budget of 2020. And these must be agreed with Citizens and, above all , Vox, which will sell its support dearly. And the intention of the PP-A is that both formations cannot capitalize part of the advertisements.

"Deepen the sales"

It should be remembered that, shortly after arriving at the San Telmo Palace , Moreno announced a reduction of ITP to 3.5%, from 8%, for large families and homes of less than 180,000 euros. The objective in 2020 is to "deepen this type of sales". And the Tax of Documented Legal Acts (AJD, which is paid in the operations of buying new housing) went from 1.5% to 0.1% for those 130,000 large families and from 2% to 1.5% for companies and the self-employed who acquire residential real estate and renounce the VAT exemption. Next year will continue down that path.

In April, the star reduction of the Government of Juanma Moreno was also approved, the practical elimination of the Tax on Inheritance and Donations for spouses and direct families, which has been reduced to 99%. That is, at the level of the Community of Madrid, which other autonomies governed by the PSOE, such as the Valencian Community , accuse of being a kind of "tax haven".

In fact, the acting Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has criticized the Madrid proposal that is now supported by Andalusia: "This is an equation, income and expenses have to square, and when the decision is made to lower income, it has to be guaranteed what happens with the expense item ". "Either the expense item falls or the breach of the stability rule is low," he warned, since the law that Cristóbal Montoro launched calls for stipulating what spending cuts will accompany the tax cuts.

The PP and Citizens Board has also already lowered the personal income tax (the tax that taxes the income of natural persons). In four years, the maximum marginal rate will drop three points, and the tax on all income tranches will be reduced progressively over time.

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