There is a controversy over the claim that there is a cloud with radioactive ash near Fukushima Stadium, where the next year's Tokyo Olympic baseball game will be held.

Attorney Kim Young-hee, who is the representative of the denuclearization law group 'Sunflower', appeared on CBS 'Kim Hyun-jung's news show' today (20th) and released the content that he heard directly from residents of Fukushima.

Mr. Kim said, "There are Sakura Village and Omura Village next to the Azuma Stadium (where the Tokyo Olympic baseball game will be held) and Mt.Azuma next to it." "In terms of air volume, wind direction and radiation dose, the radioactive cloud stayed intensively on Mt. Azuma, so they told me that the area would be very polluted."

The Fukushima nuclear power plant is located on the southeastern side of Mt. Azuma. At the time of the accident, the southeast wind blew and the cesium, a radioactive substance, flew to Mt.

The Japanese government also said that after the nuclear accident, decontamination work was carried out to remove about 5cm of surface soil from dangerous areas, but mountainous areas were not decontaminated. The distance from the edge of Mt. Azuma, where it is suspected that radioactive contaminants are still there, is just 855 meters away.

Mr. Kim said, "If radiation is internally exposed to the body through breathing, even for a while, it is still dangerous because radiation continues to be exposed until it leaves the body." The most important thing is not to play in Fukushima. "

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