The 80-year-old was reported missing on August 3 and was last seen leaving for a bike ride. More than two weeks later, the man has not yet been found and now the police choose to label the case as human trafficking.

- We have no suspects at this time and nothing but indications to go on. Nor is there any indication that he was actually subjected to human trafficking, says Malin Axroth, communicator at the police in the north region.

Instead, the choice of the new heading is due to the fact that it opens up new investigative tools, such as the possibility of searching the house.

Little chance of being found alive

In the days, the police also called for a gold-colored Volvo of a car model that was also searched by the police in Småland after it was linked to a suspected murder in Markaryd.

Do you have any dialogue with the police in Småland?

- Of course we do, and we do that in our daily work. We cooperate and have exchanges, and so with this car.