While Russia was expelled from the G7 in 2014, the French president's Monday meeting with the Russian president could help warm relations between Moscow and European countries. Vladimir Fedorovsky, writer and former Russian diplomat, analyzes the relationship between the two presidents at the microphone of Europe1.


Vladimir Putin was received by Emmanuel Macron Monday at Fort Brégançon in a meeting more than cordial. The Russian president even arrived with a bouquet of flowers for Brigitte Macron. So, is the agreement between the two presidents good? "Paradoxically, yes," answers Vladimir Fedorovsky at the microphone of Europe 1. The writer emphasizes that "these are presidents who were unexpected and that all this can create links."

"They talked about serious things"

On the menu of this interview: Syria, Libya, the situation in Ukraine, the demonstrations in Moscow or the arrival of the French president in Russia in 2020. "This time, the tone is extraordinary and they talked about the serious things" estimates the former diplomat.

While Russia has been out of the G7 since 2014, Vladimir Fedorovsky says the Russian president "would like to return to Europe". "There is a tendency around him, with people who think that Russian opinion does not want Europe anymore, but Asia, and in this context, Putin wanted to return to the traditional politics of the national interest." he continues.

"The most important thing is that the dialogue is renewed"

Ukraine is of particular importance to Macron, as France and Germany have tried to negotiate a peace agreement, known as the Minsk Agreement, between Russia and Ukraine following the annexation of Crimea by Moscow. Feodorovsky points out that even if "the Minsk process is perfected, the total confrontation, chosen by some Americans, is a very dangerous choice." He also noted Russia's shift in this dossier. The writer concludes by recalling that "the most important thing is that the dialogue be reconnected with a certain complicity".