Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has criticized the Football Association of Egypt for the atmosphere that accompanied the Egyptian team during the African Nations Cup which ended in Egypt last month, and the "Pharaohs" out of the final price after losing to South Africa.

In an interview with CNN, Salah described the relationship between him and the Egyptian Football Association as "competitive."

He also criticized Liverpool's top scorer for the low level of security at the hotel residence of the Egyptian team in the African Nations Cup.

"My position is a little different from the other players, not because I am a star but to be comfortable. People were coming in and out of the hotel very easily and I could not get out of my room unless there were more than 200 people in front of me and around me and the Egyptian federation told me why you complain."

"I complain because I am human, I want to be next to the players and sit and enjoy my life, we are a team and we all love each other."

"When I try to say something, I say it on behalf of the players, because they talk to me and say, do this or that if you can."

Salah complained of public pressure during the African Championship. "The pressure increases when there are 70 or 80,000 fans in every game," he said.

"Who is the winner? For me I will never be a winner because I am a player, so when I was talking about something, they had to know I was saying it because I wanted to be happy."

"I am not trying to show my strength. I do not have the authority, even if I were to change a lot of things."

"The most important thing is the fear. The fear is not healthy for anyone. So we have to fix that."

Liverpool footballing star Mohamed Salah talks to @BeckyCNN about the issue of sexual harassment and what change is needed.

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- CNN (@CNN) August 19, 2019

On the subject of his thinking of international retirement, "the Egyptian King" that "the team did not provide the best level in the African Championship, because of the presence of many pressures .. Retiring to play with the team is very difficult .. I love this country with all my heart, I always think .. Something pushed me forward to become a role model and a symbol for children, I want to be a dream for children to become like me someday, I want to become that person.

Women must be treated with the utmost respect. “No” means “no”. Those things are and must remain sacred. I also believe that many who make mistakes can change for the better and shouldn't be sent straight to the guillotine, which is the easiest way out.

- Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) June 26, 2019

Salah denied any intervention to bring his teammate Amr Warda back into the squad after the crisis of "allegations of harassment" during the African Nations.

Regarding accusations against him of hypocrisy over women's rights, following his tweet during the Warda crisis, Salah stressed that his position remains the same and that he is still an advocate for women's rights.

We need to believe in second chances ... we need to guide and educate. Shunning is not the answer.

- Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) June 26, 2019

After being named in Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world, Salah said there was a need to change attitudes towards women in the Middle East.