Harry and Meghan are on private vacations and their summer elections have shocked the British

Harry and Meghan choose Ibiza on their first family vacation

The most controversial vacations of the Royal Family

Belonging to the crown is not only synonymous with a wealthy life. The Dukes of Sussex have been the last 'royals' to become the target of the most critical voices after knowing that, after their escape to Ibiza, their private vacations continue in Nice.

As published by The Sun , the marriage landed in the city of the French coast last Wednesday and they did it aboard a private 12-seater plane whose cost is around 18,000 euros each way. The means of transport chosen by Harry and Meghan has been harshly criticized by English society, being Ken Wharfe, former bodyguard of Diana of Wales, the toughest in his criticism: "It is hypocritical that Harry talks about the terrible effects of climate change while fly around the world by private plane. " It is the fourth private plane that Harry and Meghan take in just 11 days,. The couple's photographs with Archie, their three-month-old firstborn, showed the family aboard the Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign plane on Saturday at 3 pm local time, having arrived in France three days earlier.

Apparently, the Dukes of Sussex visited the palatial house of more than 16 million euros of Castel Mont-Alban, owned by Elton John and her husband David Furnish during their holidays in the French Riviera.

But Lady Di's youngest son and his wife are not the only 'royals' criticized for enjoying a solo vacation. Years ago, each summer King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia disappear, along with their daughters, from the Spanish social scene to enjoy what they themselves classify as their private vacations.

The secrecy at the destination, the lack of knowledge about the duration of the getaway and the means used to guarantee the enjoyment and safety of the royal couples in their days of disconnection are usually not well received by the citizens of their countries. In addition, in the case of the British, they have not hesitated to question the commitments that - during their official acts - both Harry and Meghan defend in favor of sustainability, care for the environment and solidarity.

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