China Hong Kong moves to strengthen financial functions in Shenzhen, August 19 18:51

The Chinese government announced its policy of strengthening the financial functions of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, which is also called “China's Silicon Valley” because of its thriving entrepreneurship adjacent to Hong Kong.
As an Asian financial center, there is a view that Hong Kong may take away the role that it has played, and there is an aim to restrain movement in Hong Kong where protests continue.

Guangdong Shenzhen * Sen is also called “China's Silicon Valley” because IT and high-tech industries have been developed and entrepreneurship is thriving, and the policy to strengthen the urban functions announced by the Chinese government on the 18th is From around 2025 to 2050, it includes specific goals to grow Shenzhen into a city that will serve as a model for the world.

According to this, the legal system on immigration and permanent residence should be established to attract foreign companies and human resources, strengthen financial functions, and become the core of big data in regions including Hong Kong and Macao. It is raised.

Many of these overlap with the role Hong Kong has played as one of the world's leading financial centers, and it can take away Hong Kong shares.

For this reason, while protests have continued in Hong Kong for more than two months, some view that there is an aim to restrain movement in Hong Kong by strengthening the urban functions of neighboring Shenzhen.

* Sen is unevenly river