Abolition of Kashmir State Autonomy The Indian Prime Minister asks the US President to understand at 6:47 on August 20

India's Prime Minister Modi and U.S. President Trump talked over the phone as India abolished the autonomy of Kashmir provinces where India competes for territorial rights with Pakistan and tensions between the two countries increased. "It is important to create an environment," he called for an understanding of the abolition of autonomy.

According to the Indian Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Modi and US President Trump met on the 19th by phone after India's autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, which contends with Pakistan on the 6th of this month.

In this, Prime Minister Modi said that “extreme remarks by specific leaders and incitement of violence against India do not lead to peace,” but he appears to have criticized the Pakistani side for threatening the security of the region while avoiding naming. The

On top of that, Prime Minister Modi said, “The emphasis was on creating an environment free from terrorism and violence and emphasizing the importance of preventing cross-border terrorism without exception.” I asked for an understanding of the abolition of self-government rights as security was improved.

Also, on the 16th of the Kashmir situation, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was held at the request of Pakistan, but the Indian side should solve it by negotiations with Pakistan as a domestic problem to the last It seems that he expressed his thoughts on President Trump.

US President Trump "Relieves tension and keeps peace in the region"

The White House in the United States made a statement on the phone talk with Prime Minister Modi on the 19th, saying, “President Trump is important to alleviate tensions between India and Pakistan and maintain peace in the region. "

The two leaders are also discussing increasing trade between the United States and India and strengthening economic ties, and are considering a summit meeting soon.