The image of a dog making a unique cry is exhilarating.

On the 15th in local time, foreign media including the British Daily Mail introduced a puppy raised on a farm in Ukraine.

In April, the man, the dog's owner, was surprised to watch his dog in his yard. When the chicken in the yard cried 'Kiokko', the puppy imitated the same sound.
The puppy listened to the roar of the chicken and raised his head. Then, like a chicken, he squeaked and cried towards the sky. After that, I looked at the camera and reapplied my appetite.

This video was buzzing late and gathered a big topic online. Some netizens have raised suspicions that someone is out of the screen, not a dog, but most of them love "it's so cute that it hurts the heart," "like a genius," and "the cutest dog I've ever seen." It was a reaction.

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(Photo = YouTube CCTV footage)