While the violence and degradations of permanent elected officials are increasing, Ruchard Ferrand, the president of the National Assembly, calls for "a collective reassignment".

The President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, calls for "a collective resignation" in the face of increasing violence and intimidation against mayors and deputies. "These brutal intimidation maneuvers against elected officials who carry their convictions, can not be tolerated," he says in a forum published in Le Parisien Dimanche.

"We can not let France get used to violence, which is almost considered a means of expression," writes Assembly President LREM, after the degradations of deputies and the violence against elected representatives Municipalities in recent weeks.

A knife attack

Mr. Ferrand mentions in particular the attack with the knife of the mayor of Saint-Myon (Puy-de-Dôme), Jean-Pierre Muselier, on August 9, by the son of one of its administrées. While stressing that this violence remains the result of "a tiny minority", he "calls for a collective resumption throughout our territory".

"Months of turmoil, since the ransacking of the Arc de Triomphe last December", during the crisis of "yellow vests", "have made our country enter a cycle harmful, harmful for all," said Mr. Ferrand, who recalls the death of the mayor of Signes (Var), Jean-Mathieu Michel, killed August 5 in the performance of his duties.

"It is through parliamentary debate and the law that our society progressed", he notes, and "the trivialization of violence would, on the contrary, signify the death of our democratic life and discourage commitment to the service of the people. good public".