• Salvini: without elections you sit at the table and work
  • M5s: Salvini is no longer a credible interlocutor


18 August 2019 "I will be in the courtroom on Tuesday without prejudice, I want to hear what the Prime Minister will say. I am a layman, ready to accept the positive messages. Of course if the mood is that of the last few weeks any improvement will be difficult. Mattarella will then decide , but a government of the defeated would be a scam for the Italians ". This was said by Matteo Salvini speaking to Versiliana.

Would you consider Pd-M5s-FI Government normal?
"Prodi today said 'let's do the Ursula government', with Pd, M5s and FI, would you consider it normal?", "I do everything humanly possible to prevent it", Salvini added.