The Liberal Democrats flew on their holiday today (18), oppressing the candidate for the attorney general's homeland, and pressured President Moon Jae-in's withdrawal and voluntary resignation.

The Korean party's judiciary judges also foreshadowed legal responses, including prosecution prosecutors against Cho and his family.

The Korean Party held an emergency meeting of personnel hearings presided over by Nak Kyung-won, and decided to form a separate Task Force (TF) team aimed at Cho's hearing.

The TF will participate in the hearing, the judicial commission, and the related standing members such as the political and educational committees.

In the meeting, Na Kyung-won, a deputy national representative, criticized Cho as saying, "There is already a widespread suspicion of resignation."
Representative Kim Jin-tae said, "Cho candidates are all camouflaged in camouflage, camouflage divorce, camouflage, and camouflage." Criticized ""

Regarding the allegations of real estate camouflage, "Cho candidate has two more villas than one apartment in Busan, and it seems that his name is entrusted to Jesu. This is a violation of the Real Estate Real Estate Act." I will submit a complaint to the Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office. "

Assemblyman Joo Kwang-deok said, "The paper company made by Cho's brother tried to sue with the forged bonds against Woongdong Gakuen to collect the amount of astronomical figures."

Lawmaker Chairman Sang-Kyu Yeo said, "All of Cho's family members have chosen means and methods to take advantage of their property." Seems to have been induced or prevented. ”