Madrid (AFP)

A new fire on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria led the authorities Saturday to evacuate a tourist site and a luxury hotel, just days after the fire hit the same area.

On Twitter, the island council announced that it was evacuating the Tejeda Cross, a popular mountain site for its spectacular views in central Gran Canaria, as well as a luxury hotel nearby. .

Later in the evening he announced the evacuation of the village center of Tejeda and several nearby neighborhoods.

It has not been specified how many people have been evacuated, but Tejeda has a population of just under 2,000.

Local authorities added that they cut roads in the vicinity of the fire. "LEAVE THE ZONE," they insisted.

The fire comes just five days after firefighters managed to contain a fire in the same area of ​​the Canary Islands, which led to the evacuation of several hundred people.

The rescue services warned that strong gusts of wind and an expected heat wave could reignite remaining embers.

Firefighters on the island said helicopters had been sent to the area.

The fire "does not look good at all with this temperature, these winds and this low humidity," they said in a statement.

Water bombers were not available immediately because they left for mainland Spain, a thousand miles away, they explained.

One of them was flying from Malaga to Gran Canaria late Saturday night, Spanish air traffic controllers said on their Twitter account.

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