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After several days of research, Simon Gautier's body was finally found in a ravine south of Naples. Heloise GREGOIRE / AFP

The lifeless body of the French hiker vanished nine days ago south of Naples, Italy, was found this Sunday, August 19 at the bottom of a ravine, reported the Italian media.

The body of Simon Gautier, 27, was found in Belvedere di Ciolandre, after a rescuer spotted his backpack from a distance, with binoculars, according to Italian media reports. As night fell, the rescuers located his body at the bottom of a ravine, very difficult to access. To the point of not being able to recover it. The operations will resume this Monday morning, reports our correspondent in Rome, Anne Le Nir .

Friday, August 9, shortly after 9:00, Simon Gautier called the rescue with his mobile phone. According to the recording of the call, he stated that he fell off a cliff and broke both legs but could not tell where he was, " in the middle of nowhere on the coast ".

Specialized fire brigades, dog teams, alpine rescue personnel, a helicopter, but also drones were searching every corner of this steep coast where the mountains and cliffs flow into the sea.

Rescuers had found traces of blood at the edge of one of the trails and analyzes were underway to determine if it was the French hiker.

Simon Gautier, who had been living in Rome for two years to write a thesis in art history, had planned a solo hike from Policastro Bussentino to Naples. Dozens of volunteers, shepherds and inhabitants, but also about twenty of the young man's relatives were present around Policastro Bussentino, about 200 km south of Naples to participate in research.

A judicial inquiry was opened to determine the causes of the death of Simon Gautier. His parents, housed in a Policastro Bussantino hotel, are supported by a team of French psychologists.

(With AFP)