Dubai Municipality has issued a circular to all consultancy offices and construction companies operating in the emirate stating that as of tomorrow it is possible to issue building permits before the appointment of the contractor. The Municipality said that out of its keenness to delight customers, improve the working environment in the construction sector in Dubai, and within the framework of organizing construction work and facilitate procedures for issuing building permits, it announced in the circular, which was sent to engineering consultancy offices and construction companies operating in the emirate, that it will be As of August 20, the issuance of the building permit prior to the appointment of the project contractor in accordance with regulations.

She stated that the controls are that the issuance of the building permit should be issued immediately after the approval of the transactions, and the payment of the license transaction fees, in addition to the fact that no construction work on the project site can be started only after the appointment of the contractor, during the period of validity of the license. The number of qualified contractors in Dubai Municipality is about 6000, while the number of consultants is about 500 consultants.

The list of building conditions and specifications issued by the municipality defines the contractor as the natural or legal person entrusted with the execution of construction works and who is licensed to practice the activities of building contracting in the emirate in accordance with the legislation in force. The building permit is defined as the permit issued by the competent authority to authorize construction works Execution on a specific plot, in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and conditions. The conditions stressed that no building should be allowed on any plot of land, unless it conforms to the map attached to the classification and codification of land use system, as determined by the number of floors that make up the building, the type of planned use, external rebounds, required parking lots, Building.

In 2017, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, adopted the new strategy to develop procedures for issuing building permits in Dubai, which was prepared by the Committee for the Development of Building Permits Procedures in Dubai, which aims to support and strengthen Dubai's prestigious position as one of the cities in which the construction sector is active, plays an important role as an essential component of the economic development system, and aims to achieve the optimum response to the requirements of the next phase of the real estate development process. For operational sector.


A qualified contractor at Dubai Municipality.