• Italy.The Prosecutor's Office orders a medical inspection aboard the Open Arms and Salvini allows "against his will" the landing of unaccompanied minors
  • Migration: The Open Arms asks for urgent permission to dock for the "critical situation" of immigrants but Salvini refuses

"Is it possible that we are here on vacation as if nothing and that poor people are here behind, stop?" Says a husband to his wife, both Romans, watching the TV at Bar delle Rose, one of the modern coffee shops in the central Via Roma, the only avenue of Lampedusa. There are those who consider that the 105 migrants who remain adrift "should not enter Italy", others consider it a "human duty". But everyone on the island agrees on one thing: it makes no sense that 105 people remain because they are less than 1 km from the town of Lampedusa.

The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, authorized on Saturday the landing of 27 children, who arrived at 17:15 hours at the Favaloro dock in Lampedusa , as EL MUNDO.es could witness. There, a place where Italian and foreign journalists concentrated, there were certain moments of tension. Some inhabitants of the island, twitched by the situation, began to insult cameras, photographers and editors: "Go to your fucking house to play the balls! Gone to take your ass!" , shouted some natives to the media. A foreign journalist ended up answering him, with some outrage: "Get angry with politicians, we are doing our job." In any case, this type of rifirrafes are the exception on an island that, for better or worse, is accustomed to media exposure.

"I do this against my will, just because the Prime Minister has asked me to," Matteo Salvini admitted on Friday, who has turned the Open Arms case into a personal and political issue. After all, the more time passes, the worse for the liguist Interior Minister, if he finally has to retract. "And Salvini isn't going to get mad at this last landing?" , two young people from Bologna on vacation in Lampedusa tell EL MUNDO.es. Meanwhile, the Interior Minister said on Twitter yesterday: "Eight of the 27 minors declared themselves of age!" Salvini said referring to the presence of "imaginary minors."

"I recognize Conte's decision that the children on board the Open Arms be landed," Salvini adds in his official letter to the 'premier'. "Therefore, against my will and in the nth example of my loyal collaboration, I provide that there are no obstacles to the execution of your decision." Likewise, Salvini has not lost the opportunity to show his perplexity: "With equal sincerity, I communicate my concern that his decision may cause us to take care of some subjects as irreversibly as burdensome and that could end up being undue."

Precisely tonight at 10 pm, 57 Tunisians have arrived accompanied by the Italian Coast Guard to the Favaloro pier in Lampedusa, as EL MUNDO.es has been able to witness. A Financial Police vessel intercepted a ship aboard migrants near the islet of Lampione, near Lampedusa. The rescued were escorted by the forces and security forces of the Italian State and have been transferred to the Lampedusa Reception Center, where the 27 minors already disembarked this afternoon from the Open Arms ship.

Tonight's arrival highlights the contradictions of the Italian Government, especially its Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini; Because in the meantime, just 1 kilometer from the coast of Lampedusa, 105 migrants remain locked in the Spanish NGO Open Arms boat without knowing when they will be able to disembark. The situation is increasingly critical, according to the humanitarian organization itself.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor's Office of Agrigento (Sicily) ordered a new medical inspection on the Open Arms ship on Saturday to check the evolution of the health status of the ships . At the last minute, the health professionals carried out the appropriate controls within the Spanish NGO ship that today is serving 18 days adrift. All this after the ship was declared "in a state of necessity," while Salvini maintains its ban on the ship docking at a port in the country , despite the fact that an Italian court ruled that order last Tuesday. The situation, according to the Spanish NGO, threatens to worsen in response to the nervousness of the 105 passengers who have been more than two weeks without knowing what will happen. After "six medical evacuations," they claim from Open Arms, "we are in a situation of need and cannot guarantee the safety of people on board." The ultimate goal is that the remaining migrants can disembark.

"People are tired in Lampedusa of the immigration issue, as in the rest of Italy," Angela Maraventano explains to EL MUNDO.es, for more than 25 years representing the League on the island, long before Matteo Salvini arrived. For her it is "shameful" to still speak today of "clandestine immigration": "Traffickers of human flesh work 24 hours a day, enriching themselves on the skin of unfortunate people . " The only solution, for her, is to "put serious military ships" that block the landings. Maraventano, who was a senator for the League for five years, admits to having "welcomed migrants since the 1980s," but believes that "fighting illegal trafficking in human beings is a very different thing."

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