The Egyptian national team qualified for the final of the World Junior Handball Championship for the first time in its history after the 41-36 victory over Portugal on Saturday. This achievement came amid the continuous failure of the Egyptian team teams in the world championships.

All agreed that handball has become the only team game globally superior, referring to the successive failure of the Egyptian national football team, which recently emerged from the price of the African Nations Cup final despite the tournament at home.

The Egyptian team finished the first half ahead of 20-19 after recovering from a poor start in which Portugal advanced 5-3 and then 8-6.

Egypt dominated early in the second half and scored five consecutive goals, before Portugal hit the net to make it 25-20.

After that, the Egyptian team did not face any problem to win thanks to the brilliance of Ahmed Hisham, Hassan Walid and goalkeeper Momen Hossam.

Hisham, who finished third with the youth team at the World Championships in Spain last month, scored 11 goals with 16 shots on goal. Hassan Walid added nine goals.

The Egyptian youth team won third place at the World Championships in Spain last month.

Egypt will play Germany in the final in northern Macedonia on Sunday.

To the extent possible say the secret of the superiority of Egyptians in handball than any other ball. Is the hands of the Egyptians more skilled than their feet more precisely strange topic is very important Congratulations to his men Egypt access to the final first non-European team in history up to this stage is not important stayed by hand or foot

- Amr Adib (@Amradib) August 17, 2019

The junior handball team writes its history with letters from Dahab .. Generation made the impossible and achieved a great achievement to climb to the final of the World Cup ..

- Mahmoud Bazzawi (@albezzawy) August 17, 2019

A lot of people talked about the boom by the Egyptian handball senior and youth and juniors .. Very important thank all people Hisham Nasr President of the Federation and the Council .. David Davis and Hussein Zaki and all who was in the first team ... Jp7drLnUQ8

- Abdul Hamid Farraj (@AbdelhmidFarag) August 18, 2019

I attended all the world championships in youth handball from 2005 to the present.

- Ziad (@ZiadElsayede) August 18, 2019