US President talks with Secretary of State on August 17 10:07

President Trump of the United States met with Secretary of State Pompeio and Secretary of Defense Esper, and it seems that the final discussion was held with the aim of concluding a peace talk with the Afghan anti-government armed forces Taliban The

The American White House announced on the 16th in New Jersey, where President Trump is staying, that he met with Secretary of State Pompeio, Secretary of Defense Esper, and Assistant to President Bolton to discuss peace with Afghanistan.

The Trump administration is proceeding with peace talks with anti-government armed forces Taliban in anticipation of the withdrawal and ceasefire of the US troops stationed there, and is aiming for an agreement by the Afghan government until 1st of next month.

At this meeting, it seems that there was a close discussion toward the agreement. After the meeting, President Trump told Twitter: “It was a very good meeting. It was good with many people who were hostile in the 19-year war. I hope I can make an agreement, ”he said.

Trump President followed to a great deal of money of US forces stationed in foreign countries has been questioned, and expressed to withdraw from Syria in December last year, also to withdraw from Afghanistan by putting the prospect of next year There seems to be an aim to appeal as a result for the presidential election.