“I came to meet with the new leadership of the country. In the case of Poroshenko, including. Now an investigation is underway against him, but at the same time the prosecutor ( Yuri Lutsenko. RT ) there will be no result,” he said in a conversation with “Country.ua”.

According to Kislin, Poroshenko "during the presidency withdrew from Ukraine at least $ 8 billion."

“Only from facts known to me, between $ 700 and $ 800 million were withdrawn through the state-owned company Centrenergo,” the entrepreneur said, noting that the US is investigating the “IMF last billion dollar loan tranche” case.

Earlier, former members of the Azov regiment said they intend to seek jail time for Poroshenko for embezzlement at the Ukroboronprom state concern.

Also, lawyer Andriy Portnov in his Telegram channel said that the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine has opened a new case against Poroshenko about thefts in the army.