Imagine being able to take a hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream after a long day in the ski track, or you can rent a canoe and paddle out at Fjällnora outdoor area.

Surely it sounds cozy? And this is something that can become a reality as Uppsala Municipality makes a major investment in the outdoor areas Hammarskog, Fjällnora, Ulva mill, Björklinge and Sunnerstaåsen where properties will be equipped and expanded and more businesses will be offered.

- These are the strawberry spots that have been a bit dormant but which we are now investing heavily in. It will be easier to get there by bus and bike. When we get there, we will find that there is a whole new quality, says the municipal council Rickard Malmström (MP).

In the municipality of Uppsala for the coming years 2020 to 2024, major investments are being made to develop Uppsala's recreational areas. By 2024, investments will amount to just over SEK 119 million.

Finally, definitely

The plan for upgrading Uppsala's outdoor areas has been discussed for a longer period and soon it is time to start work.

Why are you doing this right now?

- They are a work that has been going on for many years but now we have put our foot down and said that we want a well thought out proposal. Now we have a good plan and we know what we want, says Rickard Malmström (MP).

Where does the money come from?

- It's the same kind of financing as it always is. This will mean that we invest just over SEK 100 million, and then there will be an operating cost from each board. And there are several committees that this venture concerns.

"Conditioner for the soul"

The hope of the renovation is that more and more people will discover the opportunity to visit these outdoor areas whether it is for exercise or just enjoying a quiet moment in nature.

- This kind of thing that makes people feel good, both in body and bud. It is conditioner for the body, physical activity and experiences for the mind.