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Members of the Indian security forces stand guard during curfew in Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, on August 5, 2019. REUTERS / Mukesh Gupta

Heavy gunfire was fired along the border between India and Pakistan this Saturday, August 17, killing an Indian soldier. This comes two weeks after New Delhi announced the end of the autonomy of the Kashmir region, a Muslim part of India claimed by Islamabad. Pakistan has failed to rally the international community in recent days and could try to send armed militants across the border to launch attacks in Indian Kashmir.

With our correspondent in New Delhi, Sébastien Farcis

The sun just rose on Saturday morning when, according to the Indian government, the Pakistani army is attacking Indian soldiers stationed along the line of control, the de facto border between the two countries in Kashmir. An Indian soldier is killed by these artillery fire, before his compatriots replicate.

This Pakistani artillery barrage was set up to allow Islamist militants to cross this highly militarized border and infiltrate Indian cashmere. Attempt failed, according to the Indian army.

New Delhi regularly accuses the Pakistani army of training and financing terrorist groups like Lashkar and Taiba to carry out attacks in Indian Kashmir.

Support that has been demonstrated several times and should be multiplied today. Islamabad is indeed furious with New Delhi's decision to repeal the autonomy of Kashmir , a region it claims, and could therefore try everything to destabilize the situation on the ground and support Kashmiri independence.