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Zimbabwe: opposition protest dispersed by police in Harare - RFI


In Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, the opposition tried to gather on August 16th. Supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the

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In Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, the opposition tried to gather on August 16th. Proponents of the country's main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), planned to protest the country's economic situation. This demonstration was banned last night by the police, ban finally confirmed this morning by the justice.

In Zimbabwe, some 100 supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) defied the ban on demonstrations by taking to the streets of Harare, the capital, but their sit-in in the city center was short-lived.

The police had cordoned off the streets of the capital at dawn and the police quickly dispersed those who had defied the ban on demonstrating with tear gas and batons.

The MDC denounced a " disproportionate " show of force and the return of the methods used by the colonial power of ancient Rhodesia. The Zimbabwean government has done everything to prevent these opposition demonstrations, increasing threats and intimidation until the last minute.

Economic disaster

Six activists have been abducted and tortured in recent days, according to human rights organizations. Amnesty International says it has seen an " escalation of repression " against activists, civil society and the opposition.

Last night, the police finally decided to ban outright the event planned today by the MDC. This ban was confirmed this morning by a court of law in the very last minute. But other events are still planned next week in four other cities in the country.

The last major events in Zimbabwe date back to January. At least 12 people were killed in clashes with security forces.

The Zimbabweans were protesting at the time against the increase in the price of gasoline. The economic situation remains catastrophic. In June, inflation reached a new record of 176% while the price of gasoline has quadrupled since that time.

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