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Trentino, American jumper remains suspended at 150 meters high. The sail gets caught in a rock


Two accidents a few hours away on the Zebrata wall of Mount Brento. One of these was deadly

  • The parachute does not open, a 30-year-old Swedish base jumper dies in Riva del Garda


16 August 2019Tragedia touched once again on the Zebra Wall of Monte Brento in southern Trentino. Yesterday the accident cost the lives of a 30-year Swedish base jumber . 7 hours after another accident, fortunately with a happy ending. An American jumper was saved because his parachute's sail got caught on the rocks.

The US base jumper, born in 1984, launched from the Eagle Beak and, after opening the sail, it screwed up. The man lost control and slammed against the rocks hanging on the vertical wall, about 150 meters above the Monte base. The rescuers, after identifying the wounded, proceeded to lower a technician with a winch
helicopter rescue avoiding at the same time that the helicopter blades caused the sail to swell. The wounded, always conscious, was boarded on the helicopter then transported to the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento

Source: rainews

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