July 23, 2019South Korea has flown its fighters and fired warning shots at a Russian military plane that entered twice in Seoul airspace. This was reported by South Korean military officials quoted by the Yonhap agency.

It is the first time that a Russian military aircraft, identified as a bomber, violates South Korean airspace, although on other occasions Russian aircraft had occasionally violated the South Korean Air Defense identification zone, the last of which last June 20, staying in the area for about thirty minutes.

The Russian jet flew over the airspace east of South Korea, near the Dokdo Islands, disputes with Japan, each time for about three minutes, "in violation of international treaties", according to reports from Seoul.

Earlier today, two other Chinese warplanes had entered the South Korean Air Defense identification zone twice before joining two Russian bombers, heading towards the Sea of ​​Japan, and entering again into the South Korean air defense identification zone around 8.40 am, 1.40 am night time in Italy, remaining in flight for about 25 minutes. The defense ministry of Seoul, explains the South Korean news agency, intends to make protests against China and Russia.