• Lampedusa, the director of Open Arms: nothing is happening, but we are sheltered
  • Open letter from Conte to Salvini: politics is not power, but a sense of responsibility
  • UN: Europe allows the landing of 507 people rescued at sea
  • Open Arms: Tar suspends entry ban, ship with migrants to Lampedusa
  • Open Arms arrived in front of Lampedusa, Minister Trenta does not sign an entry ban for migrants


16 August 2019Sale to 13 the number of people disembarked from the ship of the Ong Open Arms. Four other people were disembarked for medical reasons, after six women and three men had been taken off the ship in the evening. The NGO itself makes it known through a tweet, which talks about people getting off "due to medical complications requiring specialized care". There are still hundreds of migrants on the ship. "All the people on board must be urgently disembarked. Humanity imposes it", the NGO reiterates in a Twitter post.

The hygienic and sanitary conditions found after a survey of military and health personnel, would have been very precarious. The migrants landed last night were taken to the hospital. Among them a migrant from Mali who was initially admitted to the emergency room for a perforated eardrum. Only at dawn, the man was discharged, "but he needs - according to what the Clinic says - more in-depth controls to be carried out in a more adequate structure". Landed - again with the formula of medical evacuation - even a Libyan "who has previous injuries of a firearm, who need specialist care", and finally a migrant who has a cyst that must be removed.

Entry into Italian waters
The boat of the Catalan NGO headed for the island of the Pelagie yesterday, escorted by two military ships, after the Lazio Regional Administrative Court accepted its appeal, suspending the ban on entry into Italian waters ordered by the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who announced appeal.

đź”´ UPDATE #
Authorized urgent evacuation to Lampedusa of 5 people for psychological reasons, with their family members.
We continue to have no authorization to disembark other people on board.
This will be their fifteenth night.
The right is dying. pic.twitter.com/sHw8rEauiz

- Open Arms IT (@openarms_it) August 15, 2019

Director Open Arms: nothing happens, but we are sheltered

Conte: "Six countries ready to welcome migrants"
On Open Arms by Minister Matteo Salvini there was "a clear example of unfair collaboration, yet another to tell the truth, which I cannot accept". Thus the premier Giuseppe Conte in an 'open letter' addressed to Matteo Salvini. "This is the time to insist in the direction of an increasingly European solution, otherwise Italy will find itself completely isolated in a situation that will become, again, increasingly unmanageable" writes the premier "Ultimately, if we really want to protect the "national interests", we cannot limit ourselves to exhibiting positions of absolute intransigence, "he writes. "France, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg have just communicated to me that they are willing to redistribute migrants. Once again, my European counterparts hold out their hands," writes the President of the Council. "I will fight until the last day to affirm a European mechanism, to be applied almost automatically, to operate a redistribution that sees all the countries of the Union fully involved, so as to prevent the countries of first landing, such as the 'Italy, let them be left to themselves ".

EU remains in contact with member countries to find a solution
The European Commission remains in contact with various member countries in search of a solution for migrants aboard the ship of the Spanish Open Arms NGO, located in Italian waters. "Contacts are still ongoing and we appreciate that some Member States are actively participating but we are not currently commenting on the details of these talks," EU sources said.

Madrid, ready to welcome some migrants
The Spanish government is ready to welcome some of the migrants saved in the Mediterranean from the ship of the Spanish Open Arms NGO, on condition that a redistribution agreement is reached between different European countries. "Our country is willing to participate in a balanced redistribution of migrants received on the ship" currently stationed in Italian territorial waters, the government wrote in a statement.