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The NGO Proactiva Open Arms ship is at the center of the conflict between the 5-star movement and the League, the two formations of the former Italian government coalition / REUTERS / Guglielmo Mangiapane

The question of humanitarian ships stranded at sea exacerbates the political tensions born of the government crisis, triggered by the boss of the League Matteo Salvini. To come out of the crisis, several solutions are on the table as a surprising coalition composed of the 5 Stars Movement and the Democratic Party, a return to the polls or even a reapplication of the broken pots.

With our correspondent in Rome, Anne Le Nir

The humanitarian ship Open Arms , waiting to land at Lampedusa, has become the emblem of the Italian political rebus. Last night, nine of the 147 migrants on board were evacuated for medical reasons. The situation could be unblocked thanks to justice, as did the Administrative Court of Rome by suspending a decree prohibiting access to Italian waters .

A victory for Open Arms

For its part, Oscar Camps, founder of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms is satisfied with this victory of the judiciary in the face of political power regarding the fate of migrants in Italy: " It is clear that Mr. Salvini does not control justice. And justice is fair, it is the case to say it. In Italy, the separation of powers is clearly marked. That's why Carola Rackete had escaped without pursuit after having accosted by force. We called on justice, and we managed to blow up the Salvini decree. We have the agreement to disembark and we are now waiting for Salvini to comply with the law. "

Matteo Salvini may also have to swallow his new ban on berthing in an Italian port. Not only because six European countries are willing to welcome shipwrecked from the Open Arms . But because he finds himself isolated. Defense and Transport Ministers, members of the 5 Stars Movement, have not signed the new decree . In theory, you need the three signatures to validate it.

In addition, Council President Giuseppe Conte, close to the 5 Stars, has sharply reframed it in an open letter, accusing him of " disloyalty " and " anti-migrant obsession ". The League-Five Star coalition broke out last week with Salvini, who wants early elections. His motion of censure against the head of government will be discussed and voted Tuesday in the Senate.

Salvini taken to his own game?

As it was noted on August 12 during the vote on the date of the debate, Salvini and the right who demanded its holding the next day were beaten by the 5 Stars and the Democratic Party. Will this numerical majority be the same on August 20 to reject the motion of censure? It is possible, but not certain.

Salvini begins to bite his fingers seriously. He appealed to the leader of the 5 Stars saying, " I never turn off my phone, I am open to dialogue ". Luigi Di Maio replied in these terms: " The omelette is cooked ! ". But the line of the Democratic Party is not yet defined. Some currents are open to the formation of a majority, not just digital, but political with the 5 Stars, to avoid early elections. Others believe that an agreement with populists is not conceivable.