According to the "Wall Street Journal", the American president would think about buying this Danish territory of 56,000 inhabitants.

Donald Trump, who was once a renowned real estate tycoon before embarking on politics and becoming president of the United States, would have set his sights on an almost virgin space worthy of his ambitions: Greenland.

The Wall Street Journal reports Thursday that the former New York businessman has inquired several times with his advisers in the White House the possibility for the United States to buy the Danish territory of 56,000 inhabitants. The request was addressed "with several levels of seriousness," says the Wall Street Journal .

A territory as big as four times France

Greenland is a gigantic Arctic island, as big as France four times, where the effects of global warming are evident. The melting ice, which causes the rise of the sea level, has multiplied by four between 2003 and 2013.
Since his election in 2016, the climate-skeptical president has notably removed the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and has systematically sought to unravel the environmental regulations adopted during the eight years of the presidency of the Democrat Barack Obama.

The Republican elected does not seem to have totally put behind him his first love real estate: last year, at its summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un, he stressed the potential for tourism development of North Korea. "For example, there are great beaches," he told reporters. "We see him every time they explode their cannons in the sea." I say to myself, "Tell me, look at that view." It would not be great apartments?