Three national students studying at the Applied Technology High School and the Technical School in Fujairah have created a fiberglass alternative made from fiber fibers that is strong, hard, and environmentally friendly. State in the competition «science we think».

Hamad Ali Al Yamahi, Waleed Othman Al Naqbi and Hussain Ahmed Al Balushi told Emirates Today that the project is based on converting palm fibers into an alternative and environmentally friendly material. What distinguishes their project is to provide a natural alternative, which is abundant, and was considered an agricultural waste, to a high-value economic product.

“We treated the untapped palm fibers, chemically in the school lab, and we experimented with them in producing transparent polyester (fiberglass), but they weren't as strong as we needed,” he said. Himself to withstand the chemical fiberglass ».

They added: «The idea of ​​our project is inspired by the UAE environment, especially that we are from different environments, Hamad Al Yamahi from Masafi known for its agricultural environment, and Walid Al Naqbi and Hussein Al Balooshi from Khorfakkan and Kalba, which are famous for the fishing profession, so we thought about making use of palm fibers and turning them into a useful product» .

They explained that the uses in which the innovative product can be used are multiple, including the manufacture of boats, home furniture and cars.