The Ministry of Education announced yesterday the start of tests of the Tamkeen program for students who failed in three subjects or less, from the third to the fifth of September next, so that the tests are conducted in two periods per day. The ministry has set two test schedules; the first for students of the tracks «General» and «elite» in grades four through eight, and the tests are conducted in two periods per day, the first day includes tests «mathematics» and «Arabic», and the second day includes «science» and "Islamic Education", and the third day «English» and «Social Studies».

She added that the second table for students tracks «General» and «Advanced» and «Elite» and «Specialist» in grades ninth to eleventh, the tests are conducted in three periods, the first day includes tests of mathematics, Arabic language, Islamic education, and on the second day Science / Chemistry, English, Health Sciences, and on the third day physics, social studies, and biology. The Ministry has made Tamkeen electronically train students who fail repetition in one, two or three subjects, from public and private schools that implement the ministerial curriculum, from mid-July until the first week of study, through the Smart Learning Portal to help failing students. Skills required to pass the repetition exam in 10 subjects, Islamic education, Arabic and English, mathematics, science, chemistry, physics, biology, social studies and health sciences, for grades 4 to 11 with its tracks (general, advanced, specialized and elite) The students absent the entire school year because of health or state of being out of state for treatment.

The ministry explained that in case the student does not achieve the degree of passing one or more subjects, he / she will have to remain for repetition in the same class.