Komei Yamaguchi, President, “Inheriting the philosophy of the pacifist constitution” August 15th, 15:00

On the 15th day of the "End of War", Komeito's representative Yamaguchi spoke on the streets in Tokyo and pointed out that the current constitution, which is based on pacifism, has played a major role after the war. Emphasized the need to pass on the philosophy to the next generation.

In this, Mr. Yamaguchi pointed out, “It was because of the constitution that stipulated permanent pacifism and international co-ordination that the course of post-war Japan was formed”.

On top of that, "Many people are paying attention to the Japanese Constitution as a model to be learned in the world. Based on this reality, I would like to continue and pass on the value of this Constitution." He stressed the need to pass on the constitutional philosophy to the next generation.

In addition, Mr. Yamaguchi said about the NPT = Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which will be 50 years from its entry into force next year, “Japan's way forward is to promote dialogue between nuclear and non-owner states and lead to nuclear disarmament. I want to go. "