China has formally asked the president of the UN Security Council to hold a closed-door consultation on the situation in Kashmir, based on a message from Pakistan. Russia also supported the meeting on condition that it be closed.

China on Wednesday backed Pakistan's request to the Security Council to consider India's decision to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and asked the council to hold a closed-door meeting on Thursday and Friday, diplomats said.

For his part, Russia's deputy ambassador to the UN Dmitry Poliansky said his country would not object to the meeting, provided it was closed. We need to compare our positions. "

Diplomats said France had responded to the request by proposing that the council next week consider the issue to a lesser degree, namely that the issue should be at the bottom of the issues in a procedure called "any other work".

Poland, which chairs the Council at its current session, will have to mediate the timing and formula agreed upon by the 15 members.

"Pakistan will not be the cause of a conflict," Foreign Minister Shah Masood Qureshi said in a recent Security Council speech. "But India should not interpret our restraint as weakness. If India chooses to resort to force again, Pakistan will have to respond with all Its strength, in self-defense. "

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on India and Pakistan to refrain from any move that might affect the special situation in Kashmir, and expressed concern about India's restrictions on communications in the part of Kashmir.

Since 1948, the Security Council has adopted several resolutions on the Kashmir dispute, including a resolution calling for a referendum to determine the future of the Muslim-majority region, and international peacekeepers have been deployed in the region since 1949 to monitor a ceasefire between India and Pakistan.

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Pakistan vows
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Muzaffarabad visited the center of Pakistani Kashmir on National Independence Day yesterday and said in a letter that the military had information that India was planning to take action in the region, vowing India to retaliate.

In Indian-administered Kashmir, Indian troops continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of the population for the 11th day. Curfews, school closures and Internet cutoffs have cut off Kashmir from the world and lacked food and medicine.

The governor of India's Jammu and Kashmir state said the curfew would be eased after India's Independence Day on Thursday, but said telephone and Internet lines would remain cut.