• US tariffs on some Chinese products have slipped to December 15th
  • ECB: weaker Eurozone GDP, growing threat from duties. Ready to act with new measures
  • Trade war: Trump raises the war of duties against China
  • Trump threatens duties on wine against the French digital tax: "Macron's Folly"
  • The European stock markets fall with Wall Street, the new US duties to China weigh


August 15, 2019, Beijing threatens retaliation if Washington increases duties on Chinese imports on September 1. \ t The Chinese government has announced that it will adopt the "necessary countermeasures", without giving details.

Donald Trump had announced a 10% customs tariff increase by September 1, but then decided on a December slip for some products. Of this shift, however, Beijing makes no mention.

Trump: postponement of duties on China will help US consumers
Trump noted that "good things have been said during the interview with China in recent days" about trade tensions. "They are neutralizing tariffs by devaluing their currency and putting money into their system. American consumers are fine, with or without the September deadline, but much better will go with the small deferral in December," he added, on Twitter , referring to the postponement of the entry into force of the 10% duties on some products made in China. "If China is currently more facilitated than us, it will be reciprocated. Millions of people lose their jobs in China, thousands of companies are leaving. Certainly China wants to make an agreement, but first let them work with humanity on Hong Kong," he said. added.