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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted to this new challenge in the SNC-Lavalin case, saying that it was necessary to "stand up". REUTERS / Chris Wattie

For the second time since he took office almost four years ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been hit hard by the ethics officer in Canada. This time, the ethics commissioner's investigation gives reason to the former Minister of Justice. She said this winter that the Canadian leader had tried to influence his judgment to allow SNC-Lavalin, a Canadian construction multinational to escape a trial.

With our correspondent in Montreal , Pascale Guéricolas

SNC-Lavalin , a Quebec-based construction company, has been a Justin Trudeau supporter for more than six months. According to the Ethics Commissioner, the Prime Minister has used his influence to prevent this big company from going to court. In fact, the company risked bankruptcy if the court condemned it because it would no longer have access to public procurement. So that's probably why Justin Trudeau, even today, is staying the course.

" As Prime Minister, my responsibility is to stand up for Canadians and defend their interests ," he said. Yes, of course, we have to do this by taking care of our institutions and protecting the independence of justice, but we also have to question the impact that such decisions can have on citizens across the country. "

Self interest

For Jameet Singh, the leader of the NDP, a center-left opposition party, the ethics commissioner's blame sounds the death knell for Justin Trudeau's career. " Mr. Trudeau can no longer be the Prime Minister of Canada. He acted above all in his own interest and that of multimillion-dollar companies. This is simply unacceptable, "says the opponent.

Even if this breach of ethics does not have immediate consequences for Justin Trudeau, he could stall the electoral campaign that begins soon.