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1500 tonnes of sewage sludge cause the poop tank in Uppsala


It smells like poop in the whole of Uppsala and many wonder what it is due to. The answer is 1570 tonnes of sewage sludge, which has now been spread in fields around the city. "The air is blowing in the wrong direction," says Lisa Wigh, sewer specialist at Ragn-Sells.

Every year, the environmental and recycling company Ragn-Cell's sewage sludge spreads in the fields around Uppsala. The fertilizer is spread just before the autumn sowing and this year they had bad luck with the wind situation.

- We don't usually get complaints that it smells like poop, but this year it seems that the wind is in the town and unfortunately it smells a bit like this, says Lisa Wigh, sewer specialist at Ragn-Sells.

The plant industry goes back into the cycle

It is a plant industry that is recycled from Uppsala Wastewater Treatment Plant which acts as an organic fertilizer and a total of 1570 tonnes is shoveled out over 130 hectares of arable land.

- It corresponds to about 200 football pitches, says Lisa Wigh.

Today, however, is the last day the manure is spread over Uppsala's fields and the smell will subside over the weekend.

- Everything depends on the weather a little bit, but hopefully we get the last of the day or last tomorrow, and as soon as it is on the arable land the smell disappears pretty quickly, says Lisa Wigh.

The Uppsala labs are then allowed to stand with the scent of smell for a few more days.

- We really regret it, but as I said, the wind is on it this year.

Source: svt

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