Pakistan Prime Minister "Preparing to respond to the Indian military attack plan" Kashmir 15th August, 4:31

In response to India's abolition of the autonomy of Kashmir provinces that contend with Pakistan, Pakistan's prime minister Khan visited the site and "prepared to respond to any attacks by the Indian army." I was strongly challenged.

Pakistani Prime Minister Khan visited and spoke at Muzaffarabad in Kashmir for the first time since his inauguration on the 14th independence day.

In this, Prime Minister Khan accused the Indian army of planning an attack on the Kashmir region where Pakistan is effectively controlling, saying, "We are preparing to respond to any attack." The Indian side was strongly challenged.

And on the 6th of this month, India stressed that the autonomy of Kashmir provinces has been abolished, and that it will "responsibly deal with it as an international issue" and requested that the UN Security Council hold an emergency meeting. , He showed his intention to strengthen the efforts to the international community to cancel India's autonomy.

In Islamabad, the capital city, more than 1000 citizens participated in a protest against India, and there is concern that the tensions between the two countries will increase further.