NY stocks the biggest decline Long-term interest rates and short-term interest rates reversed August 15th 5:48

In the New York stock market on the 14th, the interest rate difference between the long-term interest rate and the short-term interest rate is reversed, and this is a sign of a recession, so the global economic slowdown is further strengthened, and the Dow average share price is $ 800 compared to the previous day It was the biggest decline.

The closing price of the New York Stock Market Average on the 14th was $ 25,479,42 cents, $ 800/49 cents lower than the previous day. The rate of price drop exceeded 3%, and with the amount of price drop, it was the largest drop.

On this day, there was a phenomenon called “reverse yield” in which the long-term interest rate and the short-term interest rate were reversed in the bond market.

The decline in long-term interest rates is due to funding in the bond market in an attempt to avoid risks. In particular, the interest rate of 10-year government bonds fell below the interest rate of 2-year government bonds in 2007, before the so-called Lehman shock. For the first time in 12 years since then, the market has become more concerned about the slowdown of the global economy.

“In addition to friction between the US and China, the fact that the economic indicators of Germany and China announced on the day were unsatisfactory, and the situation in Hong Kong, said the market official said: I think that unstable price movements will continue for a while. "