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Pro-democracy protesters withdrew from the Hong Kong airport , which on Wednesday regained its normal pace after two days of protests that caused severe disturbances in air traffic and aggravated the situation in the semi-autonomous territory.

A court in Hong Kong has banned protesters from staying outside "authorized zones" at the airport of the Chinese special administrative region. The temporary court order will prevent "people obstructing or interfering voluntarily and illegally with the proper use of the Hong Kong International Airport," the text said.

The altercations ended this morning, after a series of clashes during which a police officer drew his gun after being struck by protesters and others threw pepper gas.

The protesters' actions paralyzed the airport, the eighth largest in the world , aggravating the crisis in the city, which began 10 weeks ago and poses the greatest challenge to China's authority over Hong Kong since its return to the United Kingdom in 1997 .

On Tuesday, Beijing triggered the threat of an intervention through a series of videos released by official media that saw security forces focusing on the border .

The demonstrations, which brought millions of people to the streets, began in opposition to a bill that would have allowed extraditions to China . But later they became a broader protest in defense of democratic freedoms and against Beijing's influence in the territory.

Thousands of protesters concentrated on Monday and Tuesday at the Hong Kong airport, forcing hundreds of flights to cancel.

Having expressed their demands peacefully at first, on Tuesday they adopted more aggressive techniques , creating barricades with luggage trolleys to block passengers in the departures area of ​​the airport.

At night, the situation resulted in violent clashes with the police and in altercations with passengers desperate to take their planes.

The media filmed a particularly unpleasant scene in which a group of protesters attacked a policeman and began beating him , until the agent drew his gun and aimed at them, although he did not shoot. Protesters also undertook it with two men who suspected they were spies or incognito agents.

The first of them was held for about two hours, until an ambulance took him. Riot police used pepper gas and clubs to disperse protesters while escorting the emergency vehicle out of the departure zone.

Another man wearing a press vest was surrounded and beaten by a small group of people who accused him of being a spy.

The Chinese state newspaper Global Times - very critical of the protests - said the beaten man was one of his journalists .

The Chinese Government has denounced these "terrorist type" actions . "We strongly condemn such terrorist acts," Xu Luying, a spokesman for the Hong Kong and Nacai Affairs Office of the Chinese government, said in a statement referring to the beating on Tuesday by protesters to two citizens of mainland China.

"To the abyss"

Hong Kong's head of government, Carrie Lam , held a press conference on Tuesday in which she warned of the dangerous consequences if the escalation of violence does not stop.

"Take a moment to think, look at our city, our home. Do you really want to be taken to the abyss? " He asked, refusing to make any concessions to the protesters.

The Chinese government has repeatedly indicated that protesters are touching the limits of the "one country, two systems" statute , which governs the autonomy of Hong Kong.

Peking authorities on Monday described some of the violence as "terrorism," and state media began broadcasting videos showing security forces focusing on the city of Shenzhen, bordering Hong Kong.

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that US intelligence services had confirmed the deployment of Chinese troops on the border .

"I hope it is resolved peacefully. I hope nobody gets hurt. I hope nobody is killed," he told reporters.

On the other hand, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , Michelle Bachelet, expressed concern on Tuesday about the repression of these protests and demanded an "impartial investigation" in British excolonia.

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