• Madrid: A 25-year-old girl is stabbed while walking with her dogs on a Meco road
  • Crime: The woman killed in Meco while walking her dogs received a dozen stabs

The four dogs that Miriam Vallejo took for a walk that night did not defend her from the person who attacked her and if they had barked at the aggressor, the two young men who found Miriam's body in Meco only a few minutes after she was stabbed to death listened.

The hypothesis that the author of the murder of the 25-year-old girl, found dead on January 16, had to have necessarily been an acquaintance who did not alert the dogs made sense on Wednesday when the Civil Guard stopped as the alleged author of the Sergio's crime. This is the then boyfriend of his best friend, Celia , and his roommate, since the three lived together in a villa in Villanueva de la Torre ( Guadalajara ).

The young man was arrested just four kilometers from the place where the events occurred, in the town of Azuqueca de Henares , where he had moved after the murder of Miriam and the break with his partner and intimate friend of the deceased, Celia .

The autopsy also directed the investigation to someone close due to the cruelty and anger that the murderer had shown when he stabbed Miriam 24 stabs. The young woman, who was responsible for managing a computer and computer component distribution company and Civil Protection volunteer, defended herself against her attacker, which allowed her to extract remains of the killer's DNA from her nails.

The game console track

Sergio, however, had an apparently quite solid alibi. He had been playing the game console between 8.40 p.m. and 8.50 p.m., when the murder occurred, and indeed his profile was online at that time slot. But, as Public Mirror has advanced, during those ten minutes, although he was online, he did not perform any activity. At that time, he could perfectly have left the chalet he shared with his partner and Miriam , had reached the young woman when she walked the dogs along a path on the outskirts of the town and returned to continue the game.

The resolution of the crime, of which the summary secret has been decreed, has occurred after seven months of arduous investigations, which included the tracking of the people Miriam had contacted through apps to link as Tinder.

In March, the agents in charge of the case interviewed dozens of men who were voluntarily asked for a DNA sample. None of them matched the aggressor's genetic profile. It was speculated that the author was a woman who would have acted out of jealousy and even got in the spotlight to her friend Celia, who stepped out of the insinuations in her social networks: "With your lies you have achieved that the hell I'm going through losing half of me even worse, "he said in a Facebook message in which he was incredulous that someone close to Miriam could have ended his life. "I know her as the palm of my hand I still think that [the killer] did not know her, because Miri could not generate anyone who knew her hatred," he insisted.

"An exemplary girl"

Miriam's family, who keeps a scrupulous silence after the arrest, has finally met the request that justice be done on July 16 during a rally in Alovera ( Guadalajara ), where their parents reside.

"After six months of his murder, we transfer our desire to receive news about the clarification of the facts and to identify the guilty parties as quickly as possible to alleviate the pain of their loss and that justice can be imparted in their name and in everyone's, "said one of her aunts, who described Miriam .

"It may sound excessive to say that Miriam was always an exemplary girl, but at her young age she left us a baggage of service to others, selflessly, in her Civil Protection volunteering or an admirable example for the care and defense of animals as strokes that describe a generous, kind and helpful personality "

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