South Korea Today ’s rebirth

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will give an annual speech on the 15th, the anniversary of his liberation from Japanese colonial rule. Attention is paid to what kind of message is being sent out to Japan, whose relations have deteriorated due to problems related to “recruitment” during the Pacific War.

In South Korea, every August 15th is a holiday called the “Gwangfang”, the anniversary of the release of the Korean peninsula from Japanese colonial rule. I will give a speech.

Last year's speech was focused on North-South relations because he had refrained from visiting North Korea a month later. "I decided to work closely together to prosper."

However, since then, Japan-Korea relations are getting worse due to issues related to “recruitment” during the Pacific War and strengthening of export control by the Japanese government. Exercise continues.

President Mun said on the 12th that "Our response to Japan's economic retaliation should not be emotional" and just stressed the need to deal calmly, Attention will be paid to what kind of message is sent to Japan.