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Ivory Coast: the anger of DJ Arafat fans - RFI


Tributes to DJ Arafat continue in Côte d'Ivoire and in the African diaspora. The star of the coupé-décalé went away this Monday, August 21 following

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Tributes to DJ Arafat continue in Côte d'Ivoire and in the African diaspora. The coupe-staggered star left on Monday, August 21 after a serious accident on the road. For two days, fans have been mourning the death of their legendary artist. They are waiting for a large-scale event to greet his memory. And impatience goes up.

Since the death of DJ Arafat, dozens of "Chinese" nickname given to fans because of their large numbers, gathered at the Angré stadium in the town of Cocody.

The sun is about to set. Yet, the crowd of young people continues to grow. Between two tubes of the coupe-offbeat legend, the rumor runs that a show in tribute to their guru must stand.

" He is not dead," protests one of them. It is his spirit that is gone, but it is good in us. Arafat, he can not die. He still lives. an artist never dies. If you tap on Youtube, Facebook or anything, type "Daishi" only and it is there! He will reign until the end of the world! "

After a few dance steps, tears shed, but especially several hours of waiting, the fans of the Daishikan get impatient. Sadness gives way to anger and disappointment.

" We were told there would be a homage to Daishi here. We have been waiting for 14 hours and nothing! It's not normal, "complains a fan. " DJ Arafat is a monument to Côte d'Ivoire," says another. So, this is not the image we expect from those who are supposed to organize this event. We are here to honor DJ Arafat, who is not dead and who is with us! "

A few blocks from here, other impatients occupy the outskirts of Arafat's home. By chanting the name of their mentor. Eternal in their eyes.

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