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Debate article: "Facebook wants to take control of your money"


"The initiative certainly sounds heartfelt, although one can sense a certain sense of grandeur between the lines, but the question we should ask is whether we are prepared to give Facebook control of our finances," writes the debater.

Imagine that you launch the Facebook app in the morning and pop up a message with the text "Your post 'haha, just so ...' violates our terms of use and you are therefore suspended for seven days". The image you uploaded last night has been caught in a filter and classified as copyright infringement.

You get a little frustrated, but don't really think about it much more. On the way to work, you walk past a cafe to buy yourself a cup of coffee, but when you flip the card your payment is denied.

The guy at checkout apologizes that your digital wallet for Facebook's Libra currency seems to be locked. You will certainly find some coins in your wallet, but they are not enough to pay for your coffee.

Precisely this is a fully possible future if Facebook succeeds in its plans to launch its global currency - fully controlled by Facebook and the 30 companies they have brought with them on the train.

Facebook believes that everything will be handled in a nice way and has explained that the ambition is to give people an alternative to the traditional banks, especially in countries that do not have a fully functioning banking system.

It is certainly heartfelt, although you can imagine a certain madness between the lines, but the question we should ask is whether we are prepared to give Facebook control of our finances.

We will probably be attracted with a lot of benefits. Maybe we are offered discounts and other things that look good at first glance, but the price we risk getting paid can be high.

Fortunately, there is a good alternative for anyone interested in the means of payment of the future. The alternative is called Bitcoin and is basically designed to be all that a currency issued by a large company can never be.

With Libra, it is ultimately Facebook and the companies that are part of the Libra Association that control if, how and when you can use your money. With Bitcoin, you and only you are in control.

Bitcoin can be seen as a form of digital cash, which is needed more than ever when cash is disappearing and power over money is shifted to large companies.

I don't think Libra will succeed. On the one hand, history has shown that giant companies such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook have a very difficult time launching products that are outside their core business.

Just look at the flop Google Plus or Microsoft's Groove Music.

On the one hand, there are a number of very difficult legal problems that the Libra Association has to solve first.

However, there is an imminent risk that any other company, a company that may not have started yet, succeeds in taking on the role of global bank.

It all depends on how willing we are to pass on all information; how much money we have and what we do with them, to a large and faceless international big company.

We can't believe that Facebook is doing this to be kind. Facebook is doing this to make a lot of money selling information about you.

For your own sake, do not give them that information.

Source: svt

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