After having long been focused on a "magic recipe" for sexuality, Clément gradually learned to know his desires and those of his partners, to the point of delivering today advice on a dedicated YouTube channel. He tells about his experience at the microphone Europe 1 Eve Roger.


Clement, 31, has long been blind-eyed in his sexual relations because he did not know how to do it, to focus too much on the "what". But by discovering that he had to speak and not hesitate to share with the other his desires, the young man has tamed his sexuality. Since then, he has been giving advice on his YouTube channel. Far from thinking that we can escape by reproducing irremediably the same pattern in bed, Clément advocates an ever-renewed sex learning, as he affirms at the microphone of Eve Roger on Europe 1.

"As a man, there is a kind of belief where we are supposed to know how to make love, it puts a lot of pressure right from the beginning, you're not going to tell your friends or your friends that you do not know. It involves navigating blindly.

"Obsession with the technique"

I tried to test things and try different moves. I was very focused on 'what to do': we of course heard things here and there, the G-point, and so on. I was fumbling and it was pretty miserable. I made love in a rather mechanical way. This obsession with technique, trying to find the magic recipe ... There is a little this belief that all women are made the same way, that they like all the same things.

It implies that we are supposed to find those things that they like. I did not ask my partner because I thought there was this waiting. There is a kind of shame and fear of losing the other. If I tell him I do not know, I'm going for a loser. By definition, she may get away from me to see someone who knows. I was afraid that she would leave me or that my image would drop to her eyes, that I would be seen as worthless in her eyes.

Heard on europe1:

A woman told me, right in the middle of the act, 'pull my hair'. I was shocked

Once this relationship ended, I started to become interested in seduction, learning how to meet girls. I came across a number of books. There have been a few 'revealing' moments for me. I am thinking in particular of a woman who taught me things and told me, in the middle of the act, 'pull my hair'. I was shocked, I did not know it was done, or how to do it. In the end, what she showed me was that it was OK to ask what you want. She showed me the way to dare to ask the other, to dare to express what interests us, to be more oneself.

The things I read talked a lot about taking the girl to her world rather than trying to focus on what to do and connect to her own desires. Most of the time, the girls answer you: either they agree to go on this adventure, or they tell you that it bothers them and in this case, we can have a discussion on the reason why it bothers them and dispel the discomfort . "

On his YouTube channel, "The Nation of 3%", Clément publishes videos, including advice on sexuality.

"A lot of people follow me [about 27,000 subscribers], 80% of men and 20% of women." On my sex videos, they are often women, and they are people who do not know not sure what to do and who do not dare to ask.They find themselves on my videos to learn.I speak little sexuality, I speak mostly connections, but for me the connection allows good sexuality.

I think that it is not possible to finish one's learning because one understands a little that the feminine pleasure is universal, that all the women like the same things, that they are done in the same way. It is an error in which one must not fall. For me, every woman is unique and has her own pleasure manual. Each time, you have to relearn "You can have great ideas, like the idea of ​​taking your time, but you can not finish learning."

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